Welcome To Baru Print

Baru Print is a print on demand business selling a variety of merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, phone cases, and much more. Most of the designs are perfect for people who like motivational and inspirational stuff, something that will boost your confidence.

A Bit About Me

Hey guys! I’m Meina, the owner, and creator of this site and several other sites. I’ve always wanted to have my own merchandise store with the design I create and/or other people’s design (I credit them for sure). I love anything related to motivation and inspiration. Who doesn’t need that in their daily lives, right?

You might wonder why this site doesn’t have the HTTPS sign since it’s an e-commerce website. Well, I started selling on Pro TeeChip platform, but then I realized a few important things as stated below and that’s how I decided to create this website and connect it to the store. You’ll be doing most of your buying tasks (add to cart, checkout, etc) there. And yes, it has HTTPS so rest assure everything is secure.

  • People don’t know the owner.
  • People can’t contact the owner if they want to ask for more information (more on that here).
  • People don’t know the latest items on the store.
  • People don’t know if the store is running a special discount/promotion.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a designer and have zero talent at it. As you see most of the design are just words. There are only a few visual ones and that’s other people’s design. I’m always looking to add more design. If any of you wants to send your own custom design and/or to get more exposure, you can do so by contacting me.

What I’m hoping to get from this store is people can get motivated by just wearing it. If you have friends, family or anyone who like to get some motivation, send them here or even better buy any merch as a gift. Lastly, thank you for dropping by.